Ten Tragic, Lonely Seconds

I sat across the table from my friend as she grabbed my hand and asked “so how are you, really?” In typical Chloie fashion, tears made a mess of my makeup as I nodded silently and began matching words to the messiness of my heart. Note: May we never overlook the immense power of simple [...]

Redefining Home

When I think of home, I instantly think of my four favorite smiles back in Kansas. My room, walls littered with years of prayers, hurts, laughs, and memories. When I think of home, I think of throwing gravel speeding up a long driveway, watching the world awaken from the front porch with a cup of [...]

The Sweetness of Stillness

Is your life loud? Recently, my life has been really, really, loud. My to-do list seems to lengthen every time I turn around. Work is busy, academics are challenging, ministry is important, and the pains of people are constantly pressing on my heart. There are struggles at home, opportunities here, and suffering around me. The [...]

Runaway Heart

Over the past few weeks, my heart has been a construction site for conviction and growth. God has revealed many dark and ugly weeds that have forced me to examine my motives, actions, and thoughts. It has been quite overwhelming to say the least! He has graciously reminded me that I am nothing without Him. [...]